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Adventures in Home Cooking: Cheesy Meatloaf

I had been wanting to cook something new for a while; I’ve been trying to eat healthy lately and it’s meant a lot of skinless chicken breasts and salmon fillets. I scoured Julia Child’s recipes, consulted my Jacques Pepin, checked to see if we had brandy, artichokes, or swiss chard, and was this close to seeing how much a tank of liquid nitrogen for frozen tomato puree pellets would cost when Tony casually mentioned how much he loved meatloaf growing up. Huh, meatloaf? That sounds complicated.

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Sunday Night Blues Wine Pairing: The Non-Alcoholic Edition

The pairing for tonight

Well, sadly I have been sick all weekend. Nothing major, but sadly, no alcohol for me and since Tony is a gentlemen, he’s foregoing wine tonight as well. Instead, I have been chugging water and pure cranberry juice. I love Cranberry juice, but the 100% pure, no sugar kind is like drinking battery acid.

To entertain me this evening in my sickly stupor, I have two new books; My Life in France by Julia Child, because it’s high time I’ve read that, and How I Learned to Cook, which is a compilation of stories from chefs like  Ferran Adria, Ming Tsai, and Eric Ripert that detail what made them what to go into cooking. It’s fascinating and I love stories like Rick Bayless’ early adoration of  Julia Child (BTW, how about that win of his on Top Chef Masters last week?)

Here’s to feeling better, have a great Sunday night everyone!


Happy Birthday, Julia Child!


A toast to my namesake and hero:

“Learn to cook–try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!”
My Life In France