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Top Chef Season 7, Episode 14: And the Winner is….

So, here we are kids, end of the road. I think this episode exemplified the best and sometimes the worst of Top Chef. It’s always surprising who will rise to the occasion and who will self-destruct, but it’s also hard to take the show’s stance of, “it doesn’t matter what you did before, all that matters is the dish today” seriously, especially when we see middling chefs get the upperhand based on one night’s dish. Those who watched the finale know exactly what I mean…

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Top chef Season 7, Episode 13: Showdown in Singapore

This season’s finale seemed to come out of nowhere; it seems like just yesterday, I was being grossed out by chef John’s nasty long dreadlocks, and now we’re at part one of the finale. Maybe it’s because of the format of this episode’s elimination challenge, a team event (!), that I don’t feel ready to name anyone as a Top Chef. Continue reading

Top Chef Season 7, Episode 12: Ground Control to Major Tom…Collichio

Well, my fellow Top Chef fans, we made it through to the final 4 reveal. Does anyone else feel slightly…blasé? Last year, the fighting Voltaggio Brothers, the seriously sultry (or sultriously serious?) Jen, and the loveable Yukon Cornelius (Kevin Gillespie) promised a showdown. This year’s final 4 promises that Angelo will mutter at least two or three sexual metaphors when describing his dish in the finale. But first, two great tastes that taste illegal together, drinking and outer space travel!

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Top Chef Season 7, Episode 11: Take me away from the ballgame

First things first, I sadly could not get a post up for last week’s episode due to major sinus issues and an overall week from hell. Long story short, our national nightmare is over and Alex is out of the running. Now, let’s focus on cutting the fat from the rest of this season…

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Top Chef: Season 7, episode 9- War and Peas

Restaurant Wars is the Top Chef episode that everyone waits for each season. Those who can survive the grueling challenge of opening a “restaurant” in less than 24 hours usually go on to the top 3, while those who fail do so miserably. This time around, it wasn’t exactly clear who’d get the ax and the contestant who did was the biggest shock of the season.

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Top Chef Season 7, Episode 8: United Nations

Before we start, one sigh of relief.  Thankfully, last week’s producer-driven stunt of pea puree-gate was given little screen time this week. Ed and Alex commented on it once each at the beginning and we were done. Top Chef, you should know better, save the manufactured drama for “Real Housewives” or the other Bravo ilk.

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Top Chef Season 7, Episode 7: Power (Trip) Lunch

Well, don’t ever bet money on what I think this season. Amanda and Stephen have had targets on their backs since day one, yet manage to slip into the top three for the quickfire (Stephen) and surpass Kelly’s elimination challenge porterhouse dish by actually serving the cut off the bone (Amanda). Instead, it was my sad little dark horse who was on the chopping block this week.

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Top Chef Season 7, Episode 6: Trust No One

Paranoia and lots of talk about “playing the game” have been everywhere this season, but was especially highlighted in this episode. The fact that the producers took the chefs to U.S.S. Sequoia, a key location in the history of the cold war, just to sit and stew over the various alliances and back-stabbing going on and for no other culinary purpose, tells me that food is definitely taking a backseat this season.

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Top Chef 7 Ep 5: A Culinary Cow Pasture

This episode started with a look at the how do you say “partnerships” that have sprung up between Tamesha and Angelo and between Ed and Tiffany.  I guess the producers are trying to put a romantic spin on both of these relationships, but it seemed like they were trying  a bit too hard.  Angelo seems to be trying to take Tamesha under his creepy wing, offering up lessons from the motivational posters he must own. I did rather enjoy Tamesha’s later comment about Angelo’s personality: “to each his own, but for me it works”. Continue reading

Top Chef Season 7, Episode 4: 3 meals and a Baby

Well, it’s almost like the Top Chef gods have heard my bitchin’ and granted me a few small gifts, like more focus on chef Andrea, who coined the term “the business,” meaning the jeu ne se quoi that makes something like short ribs soooo good. Plus, we had creepy good fun with Alex, who I can’t tell if I should despise or vote as my favorite yet. One thing that changed and unfortunately for the worse was the whining. Instead of complaining, the chefs got angry, and you wouldn’t like them when they’re angry. Continue reading