Blissful: Cupcakes at Bliss bakery

As may be apparent from my many many fillings, I have always been a big fan of the sweets, particularly those of the cake and frosting variety.  Naturally, Julia and I were both really excited when the Cupcake Shoppe (104 Glenwood Ave Raleigh, NC) opened in Raleigh,and we have always enjoyed stopping by to get a sweet snack.  However,  I have always find myself feeling a little disappointed with their overly rich and heavy cupcakes.   Although I do still really enjoy the peanut butter cup cupcake, Jules and I have been looking for a newer possibly lighter baked alternative.  So, we were both really excited when we had heard that Bliss Bakery (431 W Franklin St Chapel Hill, NC) which also has a cupcake-centric menu.

I was immediately impressed with the interior of Bliss; it had a very college cafe feel with the simple brick walls, polished wood floors, and and the local artwork on the walls.    I really liked the fact that the cupcakes were being prepared in raised kitchen area and was pretty much in full view of the booth where we were sitting.  Overall, it just felt like a very invitng plcae to sit back and enjoy a snack.

After looking at the display of cupcakes, I decided the bananas foster sounded the most tasty, and I decide to couple that with the white chocolate mocha.  The cake of the banana’s foster cupcake was light and had a light banana bread flavor and was topped with a sweet whipped icing and a banana chip on top.  The other cupcake was good, but I had a hard time really finding the coffee flavoring in it.  To me, it seemed more like dark or bittersweet chocolate with a white icing on top.  It was  a great cupcake but did not necessarily live up to its label.  Julia had a the vanilla chocolate ganache and chocolate with vanillia  butter cream.  She really enjoyed both of hers, and the buttercream frosting was really light, almost like the cream filling of a canoli.

I would say that Bliss definitely fulfilled our desire for a less heavy but still tasty place to have a great cupcake.  However, I don’t want this to sound like I am bashing the Cupcake shoppe because I love the peanut butter cup cupcake.  It’s just that sometimes I want a place where I can get a lighter and tasty cupcake and Bliss is a great place for just that.

5 responses to “Blissful: Cupcakes at Bliss bakery

  1. Sounds yummy. How big are these and how much did they cost?

  2. I love these too of course, I posted about them too! I also was recently happy discover that Bliss has a cart at Southpoint Mall and sells some cupcakes there. I seem to remember one cost about $2.60. Delicious!

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